The monolith Statue of Bhagavan Shri. Bahubali Swami situated on a hill top at Karkala Town, Udupi District, Karnataka State is installed in the year 1432. This statue is 41.5 feet tall from the ground level. This idol of Shri.Bhagavan Bahubali Swami is emanating the glorious massage of non-violence, nonmaterialism, sacrifies, peace and tranquility to the world. The 582 years old Shri Bahubali statue is annointed (Mahamasthakabhisheka) every twelve years by the devotees of Bhagavan Bahubali Swami and members of Jain community.

The next Mahamasthakabhisheka is scheduled between January 21st to January 31st 2015. The beautiful sight of Bhagavan Bahubali idol being anointed with various elements like milk, Gandha, Chandana, Calkachurna , turmeric liquid, Sugarcane Juice, etc. during Mahamasthakabhisheka is an ever memorable event. The devotees immerse in the emotional and spirtual ocean in the presence of glorious idol of Bahubali. Shri Bhagavan Bahubali is called Manmatha in jain tradition. This lord of beauty is seen in his most beautiful form during Mahamasthakabhisheka.

Karkala was the capital of Jain rulers belonging to bhairava dynasty. These benevolent rulers have built more than 18 ancient stone structured Jain temples. These temples include two magnificent Chathurmukha temples, one situated on a hill top and the other one is the midst of a 25 acres spread lake called Anekere. The 52 feet tall monolith Manasthanbha is sculptured on all its four sides. The beautiful huge ponds Anekere and Ramasamudra are built to provide irrigation to the township. The Karkala taluk includes the Jain pilgrim centres like Varanga and Nallur. Moodabidri the famous jain Theerthakeshtra is only 16 kilometers away from the town of Karkala. More than 190 ancient jain temples are located in the twin district of Udupi and Dakshina Kannada.

On the occasion of Mahamasthakabhisheka many developmental activities and welfare schemes are taken up by the Jaina Dharma Jeernodhara Sangha (Regd) Karkala. This includes the construction of Thyagi Bhavan for the service of Thagies who visit Karkala regularly. The renovation of Karkala Danasala Jain Mutt is also undertaken. The renovation and panchakalyana of Chathurmukh lake temple as well as surrounding 25 acres spread out lake is undertaken. Karkala has been a center for traditional learning as well as modern education for jains since pre independence days. Earlier the jain rulers of Karkala were patronaging traditional learning and education activities at Karkala.

In the 20th and 21st centuries Jain Dharma Jeernodhara Sangha has done yeomen service by providing free boarding and education facilities for poor jains from all over Karnataka and outside. Shri Bahubali Shravikashrama is providing boarding and education facilities to female students and Shri.Bhujabali Bhramacharya Ashram is providing boarding and educational opportunities to male students since many decades. On this occasion the Jaina Dharma Jeernodhara Sangha wishes to expand its service activities and build larger hostels for the benefit of students and to provide them with knowledge and modern education.